How kelly cardenas salon supports #GivingIsMyStyle

From a very early age my pops instilled principles in me—many of which  shaped my career, my company and my life. He would often give me the quintessential dadmetaphors and talks and, in doing so, drop priceless jewels of wisdom.

One year at Christmas, my brother Rob and I were shopping with our dad. I couldn’t decide what to buy for someone on my list, so I turned to my pops for insight—his simple reply became an integral part of the way I conduct myself and my business. He said: “”Son, just think of the one thing that you would love to have most, and give it to them.”

Usually, when we’re giving it’s from our excess. My pops taught me the true spirit of giving is when you give the thing that you value the most. It doesn’t matter how big or small, expensive or inexpensive, all that matters is that you truly value it. I watched my pops exemplify this mentality throughout my childhood. Almost every time someone complimented him on something tangible, he would give the item to them without hesitation—even if he loved it.

Paul Mitchell’s #GivingIsMyStyle campaign is amazing because it’s a mentality that can spread a message of philanthropy and encourage people everywhere to pay it forward. We built Kelly Cardenas Salons on this very principle and I am so excited that Paul Mitchell gives people the platform to express and share it digitally.

Every week in our five Kelly Cardenas salons around the country, our staff members are responsible for a Radom Act of Kindness (RAK). They are tasked to give something to someone without anyone knowing. Oftentimes, the staff picks a local business focus for the salon crew to patronize that week and then provide a positive Yelp review to support that business in their community. Then we post a Tweet or post an image on Instagram with #GivingIsMyStyle to tell the world how we paid it forward. In doing so, we encourage others to complete a Random Act of Kindness and Paul Mitchell donates $1 to the charities they support as an organization.

We do this is in addition to the many charities our salons support with in-salon fundraisers, through cut-a-thons and hair parties, product and service donations and volunteering time to businesses and causes we support locally and globally: the Humane Society, Casa de Guadalupe Men’s Shelter, American Cancer Society, Locks of Love, La Posada Children’s Foster Home, Eyes on Cancer, Carlsbad Fire Victims and Holding out for Help to name a few.

#GivingIsMyStyle should not only become a digital activity you participate in, but it should also become a part of your inner core. If we all take a minute, let the words of my pops sink in and then put these words into action, we’ll not only change this industry, we will change the world!

Be sure to share your Random Act of Kindness on Twitter and Instagram with #GivingIsMyStyle. To learn more about the Giving Is My Style campaign, click here.

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