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Kelly Cardenas has been a national educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS) for more than 26 years. He spent ten years working alongside, opening and directing salons for the Global Artistic Director of Paul Mitchell, which has given him a unique perspective of elite service in the professional beauty industry. Since 2006, Kelly has been building his global presence in his namesake salons in Chicago, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City UT and Carlsbad CA. Diligent, focused effort and longtime ongoing close connection to John Paul Dejoria, co-founder of JPMS, has propelled Kelly's success and established Kelly Cardenas Salon brand recognition worldwide

Working with Snoop Dog, Miley Cyrus, Top Shop London & Chicago and performing as a stage artist and motivational speaker in cities such as New York, Chicago, Vancouver , Miami, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, plus international destinations such as Germany, Taiwan, and Shanghai, Kelly's influence and presence is second to none in the professional beauty industry. His impact on the industry is easily measured by his loyal clientele who travel long distances to see him in his salons from all over the country. The word is spreading about the impeccable service and high standards offered as a natural extension of the culture within Kelly Cardenas Salon.


"Imagine driving your car with no speedometer; the performance of your car wouldn't change although your reaction time to circumstances would be greatly affected. By the time you realized how fast you were going it would be too late to make the necessary adjustments. We have information to evaluate all the informatoin in our lives, yet most of us run with little to no awareness by which to gauge the true health of our business and life. What would it mean to you to have a way to evaluate character and integrity that would be directly linked to the bottom line performance, and more importantly the sustainability of your organization or relationships?" -Kelly Cardenas

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Kelly Cardenas is taking it upon himself and his team to give the hair industry a complete makeover. From his work in his salons to his ever-expanding educational work around the world, he is infusing the industry with excitement and professionalism. His recent experiences in Chicago, Nashville, Delaware, Birmingham, Pasadena, as well as Germany have the top industry professionals buzzing about the mark Kelly Cardenas is making on the professional beauty industry. Kelly’s rock-star status has culminated the past few years since opening his flagship salon in Las Vegas. With sights set on opening another 100+ salons in the next ten years, Kelly's legions of supporters, including John Paul Dejoria, owner of John Paul Mitchell Systems, are excited to see what's next for Kelly Cardenas Salon. Kelly has often said that he sees the industry as a blank canvas. The industry is on notice and the beuty professionals in the game are excited for the Kelly Cardenas masterpiece to unfold!


Kelly's consistent focus and strong culture are in big demand throughout the professioal beauty industry and beyond. Kelly thrives on taking his message out to beauty school students, salon owners, sylists and all who are eager to elevate their career and build their income. With his first book, "The 6 Indicators for Business and Life" qickly becoming the industry playbook, Kelly is in high demand for coaching, consulting, webinars and in-person education and motivation. Don't get left Kelly for your next event or plan somehitng for him to host for you and/or your team soon!

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Kelly Cardenas's passion for life and the professoinal beauty industry is never-ending and intoxicating to all who experience his fire! His fresh take on providing world-class customer service and building
6-Figure hairdressers is elevating the industry as a whole. From his work in his five namesake salons, to his ever-expanding educational work in the U.S. and abroad, Kelly is infusing the industry with excitement and professionalism. Kelly is ENGAGED and considers it his pleasure and his responsibiliy to share his experience and sucesses!!!

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