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Kelly Cardenas is a dynamic force in personal development and entrepreneurship. Host of a top-ranked podcast, the Co-host of Secret Knock, and creator of the Vibe Room, he embodies the art of harnessing the right energy for extraordinary accomplishments. Kelly's bestselling books have inspired and empowered readers to unleash their boundless potential. Being a featured Success a magazine top keynote speaker, he captivates audiences with his magnetic storytelling, impactful insights and unrelenting desire for greatness.

Have you accomplished your goals professionally and financially, and you still thirst for something more? Has success in these areas come at the expense of far more valuable things, like your family, your children, and your relationships? Alignment in business, strategic partnerships, and joint ventures all come from true relationships. The HIDEOUT is designed to get to know people before you'll ever meet them. This is not your typical mastermind. The HIDEOUT is focused on the one thing that will fuel everything, JOY. And when joy is overflowing in your life, you'll find growth in your marriage, your relationships, and your business.
Named by Forbes as one of the most sought out interviews in the game today!
Success Leaves Clues
Welcome to the journey of a dreamer. Ever since I was a kid my curiosity has guided me through this amazing thing called life. Throughout my travels I noticed that there were clues left behind by people who were successful at their chosen discipline. As I followed the clues I realized that there were 7 P’s that were common in almost all situations, these universal truths leveled the playing field and when applied can create endless opportunities.
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