Holiday merchandising 101


The holidays are here, and that means we have an opportunity to create memorable displays that our guests will love and gravitate towards. Sometimes, we forget just how easy it can be to create a lasting impression and just how easy it is to use the tools at our disposal.  I call this technique “stocking stuffer merchandising,” and it’s easy as 1-2-3:

Create a focus

It is important to have a focal point when merchandising. This can be as simple as choosing something your team sees as valuable. It might be a focus on men’s grooming, styling products (make sure to keep it at fewer than five products), or styling tools. The clearer you are about what you’re trying to sell, the more likely you are to get your guests to purchase those products. You can do this with more than one display; in fact, it’s feasible to have three different options, as long as there is a clear focus in each of your displays. We have found that the merchandising is important, but the message is what will draw your guest to the story.



Develop a story

Have a cause behind your display. In our experience, it is best to involve your team. They will own what they help to create. Have a brainstorming session to connect your promotion with a story that is simple to articulate and that has a greater purpose. For example, Paul Mitchell® Neon™ already has a great story and purpose with an anti-bullying messaging behind it. Make sure not to overlook the obvious, keep it simple and make sure your team is educated about the “why.” This will help them to engage and own the concept, making it a part of their routine as opposed to another sales tactic.


Tell the story

Once your team has developed the story and they have educated themselves on the features and benefits, it is now time to tell the story! Utilize the power of shelf talkers, mirror decals, restroom and changing room displays, and of course social media! When it comes to a social media push, make sure to get a commitment from your team to post on their individual pages in addition to posting on your salon’s page. These displays are best when they create conversation. Sometimes, it’s a question meant to spark an emotion. We once had a mirror sticker that said “Love Conditionally.” This play-on-words caused our guests to ask questions, and our stylists were prompted to talk about conditioning treatments. Have fun with it! Tell the story, or rather yell the story!


When you choose a focus, develop a story with a great cause, and use all of your channels to tell the story, merchandising success can be yours year-round!

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