Engaging your team for holiday promotions: valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is upon us and I believe that this is an amazing opportunity to create a behavior that can last throughout the rest of the year!

This idea was sparked by Brad Dunn, the Director of our Las Vegas salon, who inspired me with his insight during one of our weekly company leadership meetings. At work, a negative connotation has formed about having a “talk” … and our team has become increasingly more fearful of it. I have struggled with this for years, but have never placed my energy in the solution. Brad came with a solution. It was so simple — and I believe that it is a blueprint for so many other things in our life and in business. Brad suggested that we start pulling people outside just to praise them, having a talk just to give them encouragement. This would change the association of a “talk” and actually make it something that our whole team would desire! Imagine an environment where everyone on your team was asking his or her leadership “can we have a talk?” I am blown away by the wisdom of Brad, and his ideas have helped change things.

So let’s think about this. How do we get people into the salon for a certain event or service? We must create an experience that is so valuable that it will become a part of their everyday thought process. Let’s look at Valentine’s Day and the opportunity to increase blow-dry services during this time.

1. Work Together

Get your team together and ask them their thoughts on how to accomplish your goal. You will be surprised when you let your team create the promotion, as they will be engaged at the highest level!

2. Create a Focus

Once you’ve come up with a promotion and your team is behind it, create a focus around a product that the guest can experience for the first time. Let’s take MarulaOil Light for instance. Imagine if you added an extra hand massage during the Wash HouseSM experience with MarulaOil Light, then used it during blow drying. Now you have exposed your guests to the feel and fragrance that will be linked to their salon “date” on Valentine’s Day! This can help to associate the service and product with feeling beautiful.

3. Take Advantage of Social Media

Take pictures and post them to your social media celebrating the beauty of your guest to help solidify the feeling associated with getting a blowdry.

Involve your team — their ideas may surprise you! Give your guests something tangible with the experience that will drive home a positive connotation, and celebrate and share their experience at the highest level so they will have an amazing memory of the service. Imagine every time your guests have a date, special event or just desiring to feel sexy that they equate that with a blowdry experience in your salon.

Holiday promotions are great and drive business, but let’s not forget the opportunity we have to create future behaviors that will create success all year long.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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